Le Telepathé

El chef siempre sabe lo que quieres. Ver hasta el finalísimo.


First Pokken Tournament trailer ⊟

So far, Lucario is in, Machamp is in, Blaziken is likely in… Pikachu, the original starters, and probably a bunch of other starters (Greninja or no sale) also seem guaranteed for this arcade fighter from Namco Bandai, based on their popularity. Who else are you hoping to see in this when it hits Japanese arcades next year? The release of an English trailer so quick, by the way, is a good sign that this will receive an overseas release eventually.

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The Beatles - Helter Skelter

Up si hubiera sido dirigida por Michael Bay.


Se desaconseja hacer este reto si se es imbécil o uno está rodeado de ellos.


Stan, el especialista suicida


Abogada Soltera - Futurama

Joffrey nos enseña piropos para ligarnos incluso a Cersei.