I hope Iwata and Reggie will be in Pokken Tournament.


A First Look at the New 3DS and 3DSXL Redesign

Emphasis on the word “New.”

The New 3DS models will feature:

  • A second control stick on the right side of the portable reminiscent of those old laptop mouse knobs. Looks like it runs incredibly smooth.
  • It will also sport faster running and download speeds.
  • The camera in the 3DS will be able to sense faces, making the 3D effect look great from all angles
  • The bottom screen will have NFC reading capabilities for Amiibos

And would you look at that sexy Super Famicom style buttons. Now, the bad news.

Those of us in the West won’t be seeing these until 2015. Japan will get them Oct 11. Will you be upgrading to one of these sweet babies? [❤]

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Official artwork pieces of the entrances to each temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Taken from the 1998 Nintendo Power strategy guide.


First Pokken Tournament trailer ⊟

So far, Lucario is in, Machamp is in, Blaziken is likely in… Pikachu, the original starters, and probably a bunch of other starters (Greninja or no sale) also seem guaranteed for this arcade fighter from Namco Bandai, based on their popularity. Who else are you hoping to see in this when it hits Japanese arcades next year? The release of an English trailer so quick, by the way, is a good sign that this will receive an overseas release eventually.

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Mario is a jerk. [video]


Mario is a jerk. [video]


Y luego os extrañáis de que Luigi tenga esa cara de mala ostia.


Y luego os extrañáis de que Luigi tenga esa cara de mala ostia.